Rezoning of PS 8 and PS 307

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9/2 UPDATE: The DOE has released its proposed scenario for rezoning of Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. See below:

Rezoning Proposal

In July 2015 the New York City Department of Education notified the Community Education Council for District 13 that it intended to develop a rezoning plan for the elementary zones in the northwest part of the district (i.e., the present PS 8 and PS 307) zones. We expect the DOE will post its proposal to the following DOE page of its website. We also urge everyone to have read and be very familiar with Chancellor’s regulation A-185 which governs zoning as well as regulation A-190 which governs the review process for changes in school utilization. Please – read these two important Chancellor’s regulations before the public meetings!

This purpose of this page, here on the CEC website, is to provide parents and other interested parties in these communities information, updates, and resources related to the DOE rezoning proposal.

It is expected that the DOE will ask the CEC to vote on the DOE proposal in the fall – this vote will occur likely, though not necessarily, at the October or November CEC calendar meeting. Note that per A-185, the CEC must vote within 45 days after the DOE provides the CEC a formal proposal. We expect that in late August the DOE will provide to the CEC several proposed scenarios which will be the basis for discussion and review that will go into the DOE’s development of a formal proposal on which the CEC will be expected to vote.

Community input is CRUCIAL and the CEC wants to hear from all families, parents, and community members. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO COMMENT — either on how the proposal (once released) itself, key issues you think need consideration, ways in which both the DOE and CEC can better communicate, concerns you may have with the DOE process & timeline, etc.

Please note that while CECs may be consulted by the DOE as the DOE develops its proposal for rezoning, there is a distinct separation of powers between the DOE and the CEC. The CEC is the elected, volunteer body of parents that represents the parents, families, and communities of District 13 to the DOE. The CEC votes on the proposal of the DOE based on the input of parents in the community considering the best interests of the district as a whole.


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