MS 313 Re-siting/Dock Street Proposal

The DOE has issued a proposal to re-site MS 313 – Satellite West Middle School into the new 333-seat middle school facility located at the Dock Street Campus (DOE space located inside a new residential building at 60 Water Street in DUMBO).  The proposal includes a “re-design and revitalization process” for MS 313, which the DOE states is intended to increase interest and demand for MS 313 so that its enrollment would grow to occupy the entire 333-seat Dock Street middle school facility.

MS 313 currently is co-located in the PS 307 building.  Although MS 313 has 81 students enrolled, the space it currently occupies in PS 307  has capacity for 363 students.  Therefore, according to the proposal, the re-siting of MS 313 out of PS 307 and into the Dock Street Campus would add 363 seats of elementary school capacity to the area.  The proposal would decrease the amount of District-wide capacity allocated to middle school by 30 seats.

Previously, the DOE had committed that the Dock Street Campus would house a new middle school, known as I.S. 611.  The present proposal removes the opportunity for a new middle school in that location.

The proposal was first publicly announced by the DOE at the CEC’s Calendar meeting on September 30, 2015.  The proposal states that the redesign is expected to shift the “academic programming and instructional focus” of the school, but the proposal does not indicate when it expects those shifts to be finalized, other than to state that the redesign would be effective for the school year beginning in September 2016.  The Middle School Admissions process has already started.  The Middle School Directory contains no indication of the proposed changes to MS 313.

The proposal is made pursuant to Chancellor’s Regulation A- 190.  Accordingly, the CEC does not have any power to approve or disapprove this proposal, but we request community input so that we can advocate for the needs of the District in our advisory capacity.  A public meeting to discuss the proposal will be held on October 13 at 6:00 pm at PS 307, located at 209 York Street in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.  According to the DOE’s public notice, the the joint public hearing required by the A-190 process will be held on November 2, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at PS 307.  Speaker sign-up will begin 30 minutes before the hearing and will close 15 minutes after the start.

The proposal is currently scheduled to be voted on by the Panel for Education Policy  at a public Panel meeting on November 19, 2015  at 6:00pm at 100 Hester Street in Manhattan.

Written questions and comments on the DOE’s proposal are encouraged, and will be accepted by the DOE through November 18, 2015. We strongly encourage you to make your comments using the following form which will automatically send your comments to the DOE, the CEC, the superintendent, and local elected officials who represent D13. Alternatively, you can e-mail directly – we request that you copy the CEC so that we may review and consider all comments. The e-mail addresses are and Even if approved, the CEC will continue to accept comments on the proposal until the re-siting, re-design and revitalization are fully implemented.

The DOE is also accepting comments  by phone at 212-374-0208.

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