Precious Jones-Walker, District 13 Family Advocate

Precious Jones-Walker was born in Brooklyn, New York and educated in the New York City Public School system. Upon graduation from Fashion Industries High School, she matriculated to the Fashion Institute of Technology where she received a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and Fashion Marketing.  She has worked in the field of Fashion, Human Services, Fundraising and Education. She was very active as a PTA President and SLT member and sat on various committees for the Department of Education.  In 2003 she became the first Parent Coordinator for Public School 8 in Brooklyn Heights.  She worked endlessly with the school Administration, parents and community to help improve the image and enrollment of the school.  In 2007 she was appointed District Family Advocate for District 13 a district where she also attended elementary and middle school.  Precious is a proud wife and mother of 4.

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