David Goldsmith

David Goldsmith, Council President
PS8, Parent of xxx xxx
Phone: +.1xxx.xxx.xxxx


David is a District 13 parent for over 10 years. He and his wife Katherine have been always actively involved to support D 13 public schools since before their daughter entered Kindergarten at PS 8. David has served as PA president and School Leadership Team member at PS 8 and Arts and Letters. He currently serves as the President of CEC 13 and is an active member of the District Leadership Team, the D13 Equal Access to Academic Excellence and Diversity Taskforce as well as the D13 School Planning Taskforce. David strongly believes in the mission of CEC 13 to “work together to build unity throughout our diverse District 13 communities as we advocate for the success of all of our schools”. David also welcomes the CEC 13 challenge to increase communication in our district as well as to make CEC 13 meetings and activities more relevant and accessible to parents. He is very inspired by the election of a great team of dedicated parents to CEC 13 (2013-15) totally committed to follow through on these stated goals. David is equally inspired by the dedication of countless parents in our District who work collaboratively with devoted school administrators, staff, PAs/PTAs, SLTs as well as the Office of our District Superintendent, our District Family Advocate and our District Leadership Team to make sure District 13 schools are EXCELLENT! He has seen what happens the D13 community “rolls up its sleeves” and works together on behalf of all of our children. Our schools ALWAYS win and so do our children!