D13 Presidents’ Council


The Presidents’ Council is a vital component of the District 13 school community, and consists of elementary and middle school PTA, PA, and PTO presidents that strive to empower, engage, and support parent leaders throughout the district.

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Our Mission Statement:  One Vision.  One Voice.  Growing Together and Learning From Each Other:  We Can Build and Foster a District of Great Schools.

Our 2015-16 goals:

  1. Creating a network of fully functioning parent associations by developing and promoting effective parent leaders
  2. Building District 13 partnerships, with a focus on building resources, awareness, respect and value for all
Our next general meeting will be on Monday, September 26, 2016. Get details!

Our 2015-16 Executive Board:

Vascilla Caldeira, President
P.S. 20
Liaison for: P.S. 20, P.S. 46, M.S. 691 (Fort Greene Prep), P.S./M.S. 492 (Arts & Letters)

Mecca Nelson, 1st Vice President
M.S. 266
Liaison for: P.S. 93, P.S. 256, M.S. 266, P.S. 305

Celia Green, 2nd Vice President
M.S. 265
Liaison for: P.S. 56, P.S. 67, P.S. 265, P.S. 270, M.S. 351 (Unison), M.S. 596 (Peace Academy) 

Benjamin Greene, 3rd Vice President
Liaison for: P.S. 307, M.S. 313 (Satellite West), M.S. 301 (Satellite East)

Ansley Samson, Recording Secretary
P.S. 8
Liaison for: P.S. /M.S. 8, P.S. 11, P.S. 287

Tracian Shaibu, Corresponding Secretary
P.S. 3
Liaison for: P.S. 3, P.S. 44, P.S. 54 

Kevin Ryan-Young, Treasurer
P.S. 133
Liaison for: P.S. 133, P.S./M.S. 282, P.S. 9, M.S. 113

2015-16 Meeting Minutes (posted after they are approved):

November 24, 2015 Executive Board Meeting
December 11, 2015 Executive Board Meeting
December 21, 2015 General Meeting
January 4, 2016 Executive Board Meeting
January 25, 2016 General Meeting
February 1, 2016 Executive Board Meeting
February 23, 2016 General Meeting
March 7, 2016 Executive Board Meeting
May 18, 2016 Executive Board Meeting
June 13, 2016 Executive Board Meeting


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  2. please explore use of 280 cadman plaza for a refurbished library and a school before it is sold off by the city to a developer who plans to make upwards of 500 million dollars

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