Amy Shire

Amy Shire, CEC13 Member

  • Parent of 6th grader at MS 8
  • CEC Liaison to: PS/MS 8, PS 287, Fort Greene Prep (K691)
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 718.208.7503

Amy has been a member of District 13’s CEC since April of 2012. Her involvement as a parent in the public schools has included membership on PS 8’s School Leadership Team; chairing the PS 8 PTA’s Enrichment Committee; and spearheading parent awareness activities about high stakes testing and advocacy efforts to oppose it. She has also volunteered in the classroom, providing weekly research guidance to the PS 8 robotics team. Teaching elementary school kids for the first time deepened further her appreciation and respect for the skills of good teachers!

Amy has spent her professional life working in public health and social service non-profits as a researcher and program manager. Both her mother and her aunt were public school teachers.

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