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Joint Public Hearings Scheduling: Temporary Siting and Co-location Plan

Dear P.S. 93, M.S. 266, P.S. 77K and District 13 Community,

We are a diverse school system of more than 1.1 million students across 1,800 schools. With many moving parts, our system has space needs that sometimes require adjustments.

Several of  those adjustments involves your buildings and we thank you for your patience with these developments. On February 5, 2015 the Department of Education anticipates posting an Educational Impact Statement regarding the following  proposal to be voted on at the March 25, 2015 PEP meeting:

·         The Proposed Temporary Re-Siting and Co-Location of M.S. 266 Park Place Community Middle School (13K266) and The Inclusion Program of P077K@K902 (75K077), with Existing School P.S. 093 William H. Prescott (13K093) in Building K093 Beginning in 2015-2016.

We are seeking feedback – and want to gain a deep, genuine understanding of how this proposal will affect your school.  We want to continue to do extensive outreach to you and your school community, and part of that outreach will be holding, in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-190, mandatory Joint Public Hearings about this proposal.   Please, note that we will be holding two hearings at Buildings K093 and K902 or this proposal and all affected school communities.

We want to hear from your school communities, and hope to hold the hearing on a weekday evening at 6:00 p.m. to make it as convenient as possible for families to attend and ensure maximum participation from the community at large.  We will hold the hearings on one of the dates listed below and ask that you please respond by noon Wednesday February 4th.  It is important to us to be able to publicize this meeting to both families and the community at large in a timely fashion so please plan to review availability as soon as feasible.

Additionally, the DOE wants to offer the school community affected by this proposal an additional, optional community meeting before the joint public hearing, where the DOE will attend and take questions about the proposal.  This meeting is completely optional and at the discretion of the affected Principals and SLTs.

In the event that you or a representative of your organization is available on one of the below dates, please place a check mark or “X” in the appropriate box in the chart. Non-responses will be taken as confirmations of availability.  We would also ask that you please confer with the other members of your SLT on their availability during these dates.  In addition, please also mark whether the school facility is available for the 5 dates noted below.

The potential dates for the optional community meeting is February 23- March 5.  Please let us know by Wednesday February 4th if your communities wish to take advantage of this option and the best date on which to hold such an event.

Your participation is critical to the success of these hearings.  We recognize that school communities and families are extremely busy, so we want to confirm your participation in this engagement process as soon as possible.

You will receive an email in the next few weeks confirming the date for the Joint Public Hearings, which will be held at buildings K093 and K902.  Please plan to attend the hearings on those dates for your affected school community.  Once we have posted the proposal, we will provide a notice to be distributed to the school and district communities so they are aware of the hearing and opportunity to provide feedback.

In addition, to ensure families are well-informed and engaged with, directly after posting the Educational Impact Statement], we will make copies of that proposal available to you and your school community.
Building K093, Building K902,

P.S. 93 Principal/SLT, M.S. 266 Principal/SLT, P.S. 77 Principal/SLT

CEC 13, Supt. Freeman, Supt. Hecht, CCSE CCELL CCD75
Monday 3/9

Wednesday 03/11

Friday 03/13

Tuesday 03/17

Wednesday 03/18

If you have any questions about this aspect of the process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We thank you in advance.
I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Estelle Acquah

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Tuesday Sept 23, 2014 6:30 pm PS/MS 282, 180 6th Avenue, Brooklyn

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Join the PS/MS 282 Community to Celebrate Ribbon-Cutting of New Mural!

WHERE: PS/MS 282. 180 6th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
WHEN: 12 – 3pm. Ribbon Cutting with VIPs from 1 to 1:30pm
WHY: To support another of our amazing District 13 Public Schools!

Join the PS/MS 282 Community to Celebrate Ribbon-Cutting of New Mural!



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Following is a statement delivered at a DOE Public Hearing tonight April 9, at PS 133

My name is Greg Hagin and I am a Public School Parent and proud member of Community Education Council 13