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MSOne Brooklyn Design Charrette

At this event hosted by the organizers of the M.S. OneBrooklyn campaign and the Brooklyn Public Library, District 13 community members, designers, planners, and representatives from the New York City Department of Education will come together to imagine a new middle school to be located at the northeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Dean Street. Breakout sessions will allow attendees to explore requirements for facilities, common space and street design to create a 21st century learning environment, as well as to identify and address safety concerns in the environment where the school will be situated. The results of the charrette will be compiled into a report for presentation to the Department of Education and the School Construction Authority.


WE NEED YOUR VOICE Regarding District 13 Middle Schools!

There are important potential changes being proposed for our District 13 middle school options, and we NEED your input!

First, the Department of Eduction (“DOE”) has proposed to re-site and “re-design” MS 313, a small middle school currently co-located in the PS 307 building, to a new school facility at 60 Water Street, also known as the “Dock Street” building, in DUMBO. You can review the DOE’s proposal here.  Please submit your comments on the proposal via the CEC website:  Even better, please attend the DOE’s hearings where the public (i.e., you!) can comment on the proposal:

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