RE the Rezoning of P.S. 8 and P.S. 307

This post contains three sections:

  • A statement from the D13 CEC on the recent rezoning of P.S. 8 and P.S. 307
  • Information from the DOE for families newly rezoned to P.S. 307
  • A message from Chancellor Fariña to the CEC, sent following the rezoning vote.


At a Special Calendar Meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, the District 13 CEC approved the proposal submitted by the DOE’s Office of District Planning and D13 Superintendent Barbara Freeman, to rezone P.S. 8 and P.S. 307. The CEC vote was 6 in favor and 3 opposed. To see the final proposal submission, click here:

This vote occurred after an extended period of community engagement, and took into consideration the views expressed by parents and community members in many different forums and written statements.

We thank the parents, community members, local organizations and elected representatives who devoted significant time and energy to many meetings and other engagement throughout the fall and early winter of 2015. We also thank the school staff and administration who made these meetings possible.

We recognize that parents and community members have a range of viewpoints on the rezoning plan, with some supportive of and others disappointed by the outcome of the vote. CEC13 remains committed to its support of all the affected communities, with particular attention to the P.S. 307 community as it navigates its transition to a larger zone while continuing as a magnet school.

Throughout this engagement, community members expressed a clear view that the District planning process must be improved. We agree. We are hopeful that the increased collaboration piloted in this rezoning will continue to expand into a planning approach that respects the importance of partnering with CECs and all communities potentially affected.

We hope, in our advisory role, to assist the DOE in creating a model that engages all communities equitably and meaningfully in all stages of planning, from development to decision-making to implementation.

To that end, Superintendent Freeman has convened a working group in collaboration with the DOE’s Office of District Planning, CEC13 and community members. Its initial focus is to support the diverse communities in the newly-formed P.S. 307 zone in working together, and to take concrete steps to assist P.S. 307 in its efforts to maintain and expand its school programs.  Additional aspects of its future mission are under discussion. The formation of this group has just begun, and we will update the community as soon as more information becomes available.



  • The Office of Student Enrollment should already have sent an email to all families whose address was impacted by the rezone, and who had submitted kindergarten applications before the change.
  • The system has been updated so families applying now are seeing their new zoned school show up on SchoolSearch and in the online application.
  • The rezoning plan accounts for the “grandfathering in” of younger siblings of students currently enrolled at P.S. 8. Please see Point #7 in the final proposal for details:



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