WE NEED YOUR VOICE Regarding District 13 Middle Schools!

There are important potential changes being proposed for our District 13 middle school options, and we NEED your input!

First, the Department of Eduction (“DOE”) has proposed to re-site and “re-design” MS 313, a small middle school currently co-located in the PS 307 building, to a new school facility at 60 Water Street, also known as the “Dock Street” building, in DUMBO. You can review the DOE’s proposal here.  Please submit your comments on the proposal via the CEC website: http://cec13.org/hot-topics/dock-street-building/.  Even better, please attend the DOE’s hearings where the public (i.e., you!) can comment on the proposal:

Second, the DOE and the District 13 Superintendent, Barbara Freeman, have scheduled Middle School Forums across the District.  The forums have two related purposes: to get parent input and ideas for the re-design of MS 313, and to discuss more generally what parents need and want in our District 13 middle schools. All forums begin at 6:30 p.m.

The best way to let the DOE hear your concerns and ideas about middle school is to attend a hearing or forum.  But if you are unable to attend one of these meetings, you can submit comments via the CEC website: http://cec13.org/hot-topics/dock-street-building/

Thanks for your participation in these efforts toward high quality schools for all children!

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