Important Updates Concerning Middle School

We have published updates about proposals related to middle school options in new or future school facilities in District 13, and we need your input!

On our Dock Street page, we discuss the DOE’s proposal to re-site a current middle school, MS 313, into a new school facility in DUMBO, instead of a new middle school as was previously committed.  The DOE is requesting comments on that proposal, and we urge all interested parents and community members to submit your comment on the form at the bottom of the page about the Dock Street campus. You can, alternatively, email your comment.  We will be updating our calendar with meeting dates related to this proposal soon. The Dock Street Campus is located inside a residential tower in DUMBO; external construction is complete and the school is expected to open in September 2016.

On our Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park page, we discuss a CEC initiative calling on the DOE to create a dedicated middle school at Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park.  The school facility is approved for construction located inside a residential tower; it is scheduled to break ground in the summer of 2016 but would not come online until 2018 at the earliest.  We are asking supportive community members to please sign our petition.

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