IMPORTANT: Further Update from the DOE re DUMBO & Brooklyn Heights Rezoning

The NYC Department of Education (“DOE”), in response to the CEC 13 post Thursday, has asked the CEC to further clarify and set expectations to the general public around the expected proposal from the DOE for rezoning of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights on their behalf.


  • The DOE has asked us to clarify that what is expected to be delivered next week (i.e., week of 8/31) is NOT the final proposal on which the CEC will be voting, but rather a set of what are essentially “proposed scenarios” (i.e., maps) that will be a basis for review, discussion, and input into the development of an actual final proposal on which the CEC would vote.
  • The DOE has asked us to clarify that they expect to deliver the CEC these proposed scenarios the week of August 31, not necessarily on August 31 itself. We have contextualized to the DOE that’s it’s crucial we get these proposed scenarios before the CEC’s September 1st working session.

We expect that this guidance from the DOE means that September will be a month for the CEC and public to provide the DOE input on these proposed scenarios, with the actual proposal on which the CEC will be expected to vote to be delivered on or immediately before the September 30th calendar meeting (6pm, at PS 307). Please note that per Chancellor’s Regulation A-185, once a final proposal is delivered to the CEC (by the DOE, and specifically the District Superintendent), the CEC must vote on that proposal within 45 days. This means if the CEC is delivered a formal proposal on September 30th, we’d need to vote on that within 45 days of September 30th, perhaps but not necessarily at the October calendar meeting.

It is still not totally clear to us what the guidance is from the DOE around if and how much of the “proposed scenarios” (maps) can be shared with the impacted communities and public at large. As a CEC, our hope and expectation is that the answer should be “all” as we think public input and transparency is crucial to the DOE developing a final proposal that will be acceptable to communities and the CEC, which represents these communities.

We are sharing this update because we, as your CEC, believe it’s critical to keep you abreast on the updates we have as we get them. As we get more detail and clarification from the DOE as to how this process is going to play out, we will share it with you.

We urge you to continue to share your feedback on this process with both the DOE and the CEC through our rezoning comments form.

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  1. I’ll send this to my son’s Pre School Director at Bklyn Heights Synagogue, Pam Karlin. I think the CEC can reach out to all the preschools to help get the word to parents of younger kids. Also Bklyn Heights Association.

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