Thank You! And Stay Tuned for More Frequent Communications!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended last night’s CEC 13 meeting at the D13 district office.

There is a lot happening in D13 right now, especially around re-zoning in the NW part of the district and the emerging plans for a new school at Atlantic Yards and Pacific Park.

Last night we heard loud and clear that we (i.e., the CEC) need to continue to up our game in terms of communications and outreach.

Two asks in regards to this:

1. Please sign-up (see screen shot below to see how) on the CEC 13 site for updates from the CEC (which will arrive by e-mail once you sign-up in addition to being posted on the website). In return we’ll commit to getting you more timely updates through this channel about the top issues in the district:

How to sign up

2. Please let us know any suggestions for new or better ways for us to be communicating out to the District 13 community, especially regarding key topics of high interest such as rezoning.

Thank you!

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