#ProtectOurSchools Rally this Saturday 3/28 at Noon. Be there!

Take action NOW!

  • Commit to being there Saturday – Pledge to Attend Now!
  • Make posters and signs are your school or in your home. Alternatively, attend one of the following poster making sessions
    • At 131 Livingston St in Brooklyn from 5:30pm to 7:30 this Friday, hosted by CEC 15. Pizza will be served!
    • At PS 3 in Brooklyn from 5pm to 6pm this Friday
  • Tell your friends and neighbors to get there, and get there early (ideally by 11:30am)!


Dear Fellow Public School Parent and School Leader,

We write to you as fellow public school parents, and members of the Educational Council Consortium (ECC) – a unified group of CEC and Citywide Council members from across New York City – to ask you to join us and thousands of other parents, kids, teachers, principals, school workers, and community members and groups this Saturday March 28th as we rally together to protect our kids and public schools and stand up against Governor Cuomo’s vow to “break up” our public schools and hand them over to private charter operators or state bureaucrats. The rally will be held:

Saturday, March 28th at Noon,
3rd Avenue and 41st Street, outside of Governor Cuomo’s midtown Manhattan office.

We are helping to organize this rally, along with a wonderful coalition of parent, educator, and community groups including the Alliance for Quality Education, Change the Stakes, Citizen Action, Class Size Matters, Coalition for Educational Justice, Coalition for Public Education, CSA – The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, El Puente, Local 372/District Council 37, New York Communities for Change, NYSUT, Save Our Schools Coaltion, Strong Economy for All, The United Federation of Teachers and WAGPOPS to urge you as parent and school leaders to reach out to and bring in all your schools and kids on Saturday, because we believe that the Governor’s recent education proposals, embedded in his budget, pose an enormous threat to our public schools and kids.

Here’s why:

*   First, the Governor is proposing to underfund our New York City public schools by almost $3 billion – or $2600 per student – as determined by the State Supreme Court in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) Decision. Thats money owed to our kids and schools!

*   Second, the Governor’s plan to use Private Common Core state tests as the MAIN MEASURE in teacher and school evaluations puts even more test pressure on our kids, and forces teachers to divert more class time, curriculum and resources to these “do or die” tests.

*   Third, the Governor’s plan to raise the charter school cap will force New York City to fund up to 250 additional charter schools siphoning billions $ more in space and resources from our public schools to unaccountable “educational corporations’ aka charters

It’s time for the Governor to focus on and invest in the 97% of our kids in our PUBLIC schools – not break them up..

So please join us on Saturday the 28th and make your voices heard.  And help send this flier and sign up sheet out to all of your schools, your fellow parents, teachers, school workers, neighbors. And bring them, along with your kids! You can also sign on and invite friends via Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/835159699896878/

To pledge to attend the rally fill out this form (on which there is also a downloadable version to create print version of pledge sheets). [Note – the UFT have also created a sign-up form that you may want to compete too.]

Because it’s for ALL of our kids.

Thank you.

The Educational Council Consortium


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