D13 Presidents Council Press Release



Contact: district13prescouncil@gmail.com/ Sheila Letang

District 13 Presidents’ Council will join the UFT in solidarity to rally against

Governor Cuomo’s Attack on Public Education

Sheila LeTang President

Brooklyn, New York

District 13 schools are showing support and solidarity on Thursday March 12 as a part of the Citywide week of actions to fight and protect our schools from Cuomo’s attack. All over the city teachers, parents, educational assistants, administrators and students will beholding hands to protect their schools and to tell the Governor NO! to underfunding, No! to using standardized test scores to rate teachers and turn our schools into test prep factories.No! to lifting the Charter School Cap and No! to state takeovers of our schools! We will support the UFT in this unified effort in saving public education. Rally with District 13 schools on March 12 before school begins at 7:30 am until 7:55 am. Help Protect Our


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