DOE Announces Restructuring Plan





This morning, Chancellor Carmen Fariña announced a change in the way we partner with our schools and align support and supervision.  The Chancellor discussed how we are streamlining the school support system to create equity and assist in more efficient communication between our City’s schools and families.

For the better part of the past year we have been evaluating how we as a system support our schools through the lens of the Framework for Great Schools<>, a research-based approach to assessing schools’ strengths and challenges.  To reflect upon our system, we engaged nearly 2,000 individuals across the DOE including students, parents, teachers, and principals.  These conversations as well as lessons learned from our past support structures, other districts, and academia have informed the structural changes announced today.

In the new geographically-based support structure, there are four core components – superintendents, geographically-based Borough Field Support Centers, Central divisions, and Affinity Groups. Superintendents will advocate for schools in their district to ensure student achievement goals are met and work with the local community to ensure families feel supported.  Superintendent support, paired with the other core components, will provide a more equitable division of resources to schools, clear lines of accountability, and a single point of contact for direct support.

These structural changes will give us the tools we need to drive improvement across the system, and ultimately help each child fulfill his or her potential, during secondary education and beyond,  as an active, critical-thinking member of our city.  With today’s announcement, the Department begins the work to implement this new model for the 2015-16 school year.  The timing of the announcement gives the DOE an opportunity to implement the changes over the next eight months to ensure a smooth start to school in September.

You can find the Chancellor’s remarks here <>. vision2

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