Letter From Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on Co-locations

Letter From Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on Co-locations

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Chancellor Dennis Walcott Tweed Courthouse
52 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007
Dear Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott,

I am unsettled by your Administration’s eleventh-hour efforts to push through significant changes to our City’s schools that will result in negative consequences for some of our most vulnerable students.
As has been evident time and again, the Department of Education’s co-location processes fall short of meeting the needs of parents and children.

The Department has repeatedly pushed through policies that carry significant impacts on communities across the city without sound educational plans for their long- term success. Many of the proposals being discussed at tonight’s Panel for Educational Policy meeting regrettably continue that pattern, particularly in their failure to take into account overcrowding or loss of District 75 seats for our city’s most vulnerable children.

While I write today to reiterate my call for a moratorium on co-locations and closures, I would like to draw attention to two proposals that exemplify the concerns of parents from around the five
boroughs. By the Department’s own calculations, the proposal to co-locate American Dream Charter School with P.S. 30 Wilton will cause the X030 building to reach 135 percent capacity when both schools are fully phased in during SY16/17. This will mean significant overcrowding for students. In a second proposal, the expansion of Success Academy Charter School (Harlem 4) with P.S. 149 Sojourner Truth and P.S. M811 Mickey Mantle School, a District 75 school will be forced to lower its enrollment.
Tonight the Panel for Educational Policy will review over 20 proposals, many of them which exemplify this type of poor educational planning. For that reason, I call on PEP members to vote against the proposals before them until we can put in place a more thorough and inclusive process.


Bill de Blasio

Public Advocate for the City of New York
CC: Members of the Panel for Educational Policy

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