REMINDERS: D13 Task Force on Academic Excellence and Diversity Kick-Off July 31; Next CEC13 meeting August 6th

Two important reminders from CEC13 and our partners in the District 13 office re upcoming meetings:

REMINDER 1: First, a reminder that the kick-off event for the D13 Task Force on Academic Excellence and Diversity is on WednesdayJuly 31st at 3:30 pm at the Ronald Edmonds Learning Center MS113 located at 300 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205.  As its name suggests, the task force is being created to work on district-wide initiatives to ensure that all of our public schools achieve the highest level of academic performance, are equally accessible to all students regardless of socio-economic standing or other background, and reflect the diversity of our district.  The task force participants represent our community and will work cooperatively to develop community proposals to meet the task force goals.  We envision that the task force will work together over the coming months to develop proposals that will be presented to the New York City Department of Education.

The CEC and district leadership are particularly excited to be expecting the noted legal scholar and civil rights hero John Brittain at this first meeting.  Professor Brittain’s extensive experience working with school districts across the country on issues of diversity will be of enormous relevance to the issues facing District 13.

REMINDER 2: Our regular scheduled August CEC13 meeting will take place from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the District 13 office on Tuesday August 6, 2013.The address for the District 13 office 355 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

The public is welcome at both meetings and encouraged to attend.

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